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Are you an indie author or a writer striving to get that first book published? Have you received some negative reviews because of typos and other errors in your book, but don’t feel you have the expertise to make your work shine? Perhaps you’re a more established author who can spin an entertaining story but you still have trouble with grammar, punctuation or sentence structure. Or maybe you’ve been traditionally published in the past and are now self-publishing and need someone to help polish your work. This is where I step in.

My passion is writing. As a multi-published author in a variety of genres, I’m living my dream, and I want all of you to make your dreams come true, too. When I was starting out, I received help and encouragement from experienced writers and editors. Now I want to pay it forward. For a reasonable fee, I’ll provide you with a thoroughly edited manuscript that reads well with no distracting mistakes. Your readers will thank you for making their experience an enjoyable one.

I offer line editing and copy editing. In a nutshell, a line editor identifies the strengths and weaknesses in a piece of fiction, including point of view, tense, story elements of plot, characterization, dialogue, and setting, as well as removes unnecessary repetition and restructures sentences and paragraphs so that they flow smoothly. A copy editor corrects mechanical errors (spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure).

I edit short stories, novellas and full-length novels, but I do not edit children’s books, erotica, gay/lesbian, or books that contain excessive violence, degradation, or excessive foul language. The time frame for completing a project will depend on the length of the book and my personal schedule, but I always try to turn around a project as quickly as possible.

Please email me with questions or to get started in making your book sparkle! I look forward to building a long lasting working relationship with you.



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As a novice author in search of an editor for my manuscript, I stumbled upon Stacey's name in KDP. After reading the editing assistance and advice she provided to other authors, and chatting with me in emails, I knew she was the one I wanted to hire. I was not disappointed. Stacey delivered on time and provided exceptional editing that awakened my autobiography. I highly recommend Stacey for your editorial services. ~Joe Walker

I would highly recommend Stacey for editing any project. All of her suggested changes were helpful in improving the flow and clarity of my book. She got changes back to me very quickly and her price was extremely reasonable. ~Kate Johnson

As an indie author, I wear many hats but always found that polishing my own work to perfection was an unattainable goal. I knew I needed a good editor, and Stacey Coverstone was exactly what I was looking for. She is experienced, knowledgeable and has a sharp eye for detail in all areas of spelling, grammar and sentence structure. Relying on her expertise gave me a new level of confidence in releasing my latest book that I hadn't experienced before. I highly recommend Stacey to anyone in need of professional proofreading and copy editing services. ~Claire Kensington/Renee Ross

Stacey came highly recommended from an author friend, and I've not been disappointed. With a fast turnaround, helpful and encouraging comments, wonderful communication and very reasonable rates, I could not ask for a better editor. I look forward to continuing to work with Stacey. ~Kristen M. Fraser

Stacey went above and beyond in her editing service to me! Not only did she provide great edits, but also detailed comments along the way. ~T.K. Chapin

I'm a newbie writer who had a lot to learn. Stacey was not only a no-nonsense editor, but a great story-line coach as well. She was patient, thorough, and direct in her suggestions for improvements in scene sequencing and unmerciful in correcting my grammar errors. I'm also grateful for her guidance in ensuring my Australian speech idiosyncrasies became understandable to American readers. ~Allan Mills

I've used other editors before, but Stacey is the best! I wanted someone who would help take my writing to the next level, and Stacey provided helpful advice in a professional, constructive way. Her rates are more than reasonable, and her turn-around time, amazing. I will definitely be using Stacey for all of my books from now on! ~Juliette Duncan

I recently hired Stacey to do a developmental review of my first novel. She went above and beyond my expectations by not only improving the book, but also teaching me valuable lessons about how to write and organize the book. I am very pleased with the results and recommend Stacey for anyone who wants to improve their novel. ~Diana DeHaven

Stacey edited "Neptune's Daughter" for me and not only did she point out a handful of quirks that helped to tighten my prose, she has an easygoing manner which makes the editing process that much more enjoyable. Would definitely recommend Stacey to anyone looking to take their writing to the next level. ~Terry Lynn Thomas

Writing a novel is a daunting task. Even after having multiple friends to read mine and provide feedback and find errors, I knew I needed to have a professional editor work on it. I was blessed to be guided toward Stacey. She embraced my novel and provided me with positive feedback, spot-on edits, and pertinent suggestions to enhance the story. She never once made a suggested edit that detracted from the meaning of my story. I will definitely use her services again. ~Kevin Crank

Stacey is the ideal editor--detail oriented, quick to respond and complete the work, and reasonably priced. She's a dream to work with. You'll not be disappointed you opted for her as your editor. ~Linda LaRoque

I'm an author with more ideas than I have time to write, but what I don't have is editing skills. That's where I rely on Stacey Coverstone. Her editing skills give me an edge over the competition when it comes to submitting to publishers. ~Victoria Roder

I would gladly recommend Stacey as an editor. I had the pleasure of working with her on my dog detective novella, and she provided fast, constructive and helpful advice on how to improve it. Her attitude is professional and encouraging, her rates are reasonable, and her response time is amazingly quick. ~Cheryl Landmark

Stacey is an amazing editor: quick to respond, detailed and professional. As a writer, I want an editor who can complement my storytelling. Stacey does this with ease, catching spelling and grammar mistakes and giving pointers on sentence structure and plot holes. My manuscript shines when it's returned to me. ~Jennifer Boyce

Stacey is my go-to person for top quality line editing, grammar, punctuation and honest constructional feedback on my writing projects. ~Melissa Lynne Blue

I write pirate stories and though I am a dreamer, I am far from a proper writer and rely heavily on my editors to help see my dream through. I had been looking for a new editor and after Stacey and I read a few of each other’s stories, I found out that she not only writes amazing books, but she edits as well. I decided to give her a shot and have been nothing but pleased with her outstanding work. Her corrections are consistent, she is current on era-accurate terms, and her helpful tips have enhanced the overall meaning of my stories while keeping true to my vision. ~Cristi Taijeron

From top-notch editing of my grammar and punctuation to constructive and developmental feedback, I know my story is in good hands with Stacey. Not only is her turn-around time quick and efficient, she's always professional and encouraging. I look forward to working with her on all my upcoming projects. ~Debora Dennis

I feel lucky to have found an editor like Stacey Coverstone to work with me on my debut novel. She was key in helping me expand and shape my thoughts in order to provide a better read for my readers. She pushed me in the direction I needed to go, pointing out areas that needed correcting and finding errors I had overlooked. I really appreciated her quick response time, too. I would highly recommend her editing services. ~Juanita K. Tuggle

It has been a pleasure to work with Stacey on my science fiction novel. She is accurate, timely, and gave me good advice on how to improve my work. I would gladly work with her again. ~Strahil Mihaylov

Stacey is an amazing editor! She offers criticism in a constructive way. Her understanding of the way a novel should flow and how to enhance wording transformed my novel into a well-polished manuscript. I can say without a doubt that she took my book to a more professional level and I couldn’t be more delighted with the help she’s given me. For future novel editing I plan to work with Stacey Coverstone again, and I highly recommend that you do as well! ~Anne Mihelich

Being 16 and English not my first language, I found that my writing was not up to scratch, but that was not a problem for Stacey. She is one of a kind. Your manuscript is in good hands with her. She will rearrange awkward sentences, remove unnecessary words, fix punctuation, and have your manuscript looking professional and tight. I find the comments she leaves very helpful and they've helped me improve my writing a lot. You won't be disappointed. ~Nyiriak Anyuon

Finding a top-notch freelance editor who will focus her attention on your manuscript is hard these days. Luckily, I found Stacey Coverstone. She was easy to work with, took an active interest in my story, had great alternative word choices to replace my old, worn out ones, and encouraged me with every email. Her rate is affordable for any budget. I made a lasting friend and would highly recommend her for all of your editing needs. ~Penny Burwell Ewing

I am so unbelievably thrilled that I found Stacey Coverstone to edit my first book! She took this beginner's story and showed me how to polish it to perfection. Stacey is not only an excellent editor, she's also easy to work with, making the process fun and painless. Her enthusiasm and encouraging feedback were greatly appreciated. With reasonable fees and a quick turn-around time, you won't regret asking Stacey to edit your work. ~Lisa K. Cox

After having gone through two previous editors, Stacey easily surpassed them. What made Stacey different? Her interest is in helping the author become a better writer. Her process provides her client with a great learning experience from start to finish. She's always willing to answer questions and explain her comments. Her feedback is constructive, honest and clear. And she's very thorough! I truly loved working with her. ~Ryan Murphy

Stacey will not only make sure your material is in a professional format, she will help you become more polished and disciplined in your craft. She taught me things about the art of language I didn't know were possible. It was a pleasure working with her. ~Steven Buster

From the first day of editing, I felt my manuscript was in the hands of a capable and experienced professional. I found Stacey's suggestions for change or improvement to be objective, kind and encouraging. I will be submitting my next novel to her for editing. ~Robert L. Davis